21 Nov
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Catch the Fire: Welcome Address at the National Prayer Conference 2013

Passages:  Isaiah 40:3-5; 42:22; 44:3; Matthew 1:11;

Our gathering is for one purpose: Revival

  • We need Personal Revival
  • We need Church Revival
  • We need National Revival

Revival means to reanimate, renew, awaken, reinvigorate, restore to new life that which is dying or dead; revival makes the church whole and happy in God again.” Winkie  Pratney

Revival comes as men seek God, who gives revival. Revival is a blessing God gives when men seek him. All those who experienced revival first sought God.

If we must seek God and find him then we must take certain steps:

  • Seek him with all of our heart Jeremiah 29:13,14
  • Repent before him Joel 2:12-14
  • Prepare the way on our lives for his glory to be revealed (Isaiah 40:3-5).


The situation in our nation now is terrible and ripe for revival. God has always stepped in at the darkest moments of a nation history. In the words of Leonard Ravenhill, “it is either Pentecost or Holocaust; revival or wrath”.

When revival occurs the moral climate of a nation is affected.

In the entire Bible, the presence of God is often depicted as a burning fire. One of the purposes of our gathering is to catch the revival fire. (Psalms 97:3; Daniel 7:9,10; Matthew 1:11; Acts 2:3)

When we catch the revival fire we shall become fire bearers.

To catch the fire we must pray it down. God is eager to send the revival fire if we shall repent and pray.

To catch the fire of revival we must have the hunger and thirst for God. God pours out his Spirit on those who thirst for him.


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